Find the Keys and Save    SUMMER VACATION

Find the Keys and Save



Sat. August 3rd, 10:00am - 1:00pm

Have you heard

The News?

The Windsor Locks School System has been taken over by new leadership. They call themselves the Pesky Piggish Pirates. They have stolen all the keys and passwords to the school system. Now they have complete control! They have decided to implement 10 hour school days, serve only oatmeal for lunch, and end summer vacation forever! If they are successful, School will start back on August 5th !

Help save our vacation, our lunches and our childhood!

The Pirates were last seen at Veterans Memorial Park, you must look there for your first clue to stop the Pirates. Join the hunt to collect the seven stolen keys, solve riddles and save our schools! Along the way you’ll find refreshments donated by several of our local businesses and even explore some town history

Come on!

Join the Adventure!


A big thank you to our friends…

Dunkin Donuts and Tailwinds Ice Cream

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