Current Life Groups

*All groups begin Sunday, September 15th, unless otherwise noted.

We offer Sermon Based discussion groups?

Sometimes it takes a while to fully appreciate or understand a new idea. Sometimes we need a different viewpoint to be able to grasp and apply a new principal. Sermon based Life Groups are a place to find encouragement, support, and even challenge. In our sermon based Life Groups we build Christian friendships as we learn from one another how we can personally apply God’s Word.

If you miss a sermon, you can listen to it online by clicking here.

Sunday Morning

9:00 AM – Reflections - Sermon Based Discussion Group

Leader – Bob Devin

Location – WLCC, Montgomery Hall, Rooms 8 & 9


9:00 AM – Christianity Explored      

Leader – Pastor Ray McDaid

Location – WLCC, Montgomery Hall, Room 10


9:00 AM – Sick of Me; From Transparency to Transformation by Whitney Capps

Leader – Lacinda Philbrick

Location – WLCC, Montgomery Hall, Room 11

Open to All


Woman’s Bible Study

7:00 PM The Real Heaven; What the Bible Actually Says by Chip Ingram    

Leader – Paula Wright

Location – WLCC, Montgomery Hall, Rooms 8&9

Men’s Life Group

7:00 PM – Men’s Sermon Based Discussion Group  

Leaders – Joe Chamberlain

Eric Weisel

Location – Montgomery Hall, Chapel


7:00 PM – BIBLE STUDY – Becoming a Contagious Christian

Leader – Devon Forbes (860-955-8330) (

Location – WLCC, Montgomery Hall, Room 10

(Open to All)



Woman’s Bible Study 

10:00 AM – Breaking Free by Beth Moore

Leader – Linda Smith

Location – Home of Cindy Latournes, 10 Acorn Drive, Windsor Locks


 7:00 PM – BIBLE STUDY – Overcoming Emotions That Destroy by Chip Ingram

Leaders – Gary Douglas Betsy Douglas

Location – To be determined                        

(Open to All)                                              

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