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What is a Sermon Based discussion group?

Sometimes it takes a while to fully appreciate or understand a new idea. Sometimes we need a different viewpoint to be able to grasp and apply a new principal. Sermon based Life Groups are a place to find encouragement, support, and even challenge. In our sermon based Life Groups we build Christian friendships as we learn from one another how we can personally apply God’s Word.

If you miss a sermon, you can listen to it online by clicking here.

Open Sermon Discussion Groups

Sunday, 9:00 AM  REFLECTIONS, Sermon Discussion Group  (Open to All)    *Nursery & Ministry for Children Provided!
Location: Montgomery Hall, Room8-9  
  Dwight Dean (860-810-2505) Email:
Barbara  Dean (860-810-2528) Email:

Each session lasts 1 hour, and takes place every Sunday morning from September through June.  This group is ONGOING – You are welcome to jump in at any time!

Monday 7:00PM – MONDAY NIGHT MEN’S  Sermon Discussion Group 
Location: Church chapel, Montgomery Hall
: Joe Chamberlain (860-922-4055), Carl Philbrick (860-798-9008)

Each sessions runs approximately 2 hours and usually includes coffee and dessert
This group is ONGOING – You are welcome to jump in at any time!

If you have any additional questions please contact us by clicking here.