First Three Minutes and the Circle of Ten

Many of our visitors leave the church within the first three minutes immediately following a worship service. I would like to ask a strategic favor of you—consider refraining from visiting with our regular attendees immediately following the worship service (the first three minutes).Intentionally look for someone you don’t know (within a circular ten feet) and introduce yourself to that person. A simple way to do this is by saying something like, “Hello my name is __________ and I don’t think I have met you yet.”

Then you can ask them how they found out about our church, where they live or if they know anyone in the congregation, etc.  If you are not comfortable with small talk, look for someone close by who is, someone that you can introduce them to.  The goal is to take a few moments to make a visitor feel welcome and even special that they have come to our worship service. If a visitor seems to be emotional or struggling in any way, make a point of suggesting they speak with Pastor Ray or an elder.

Use this opportunity to invite them to the Fellowship Hall for a cup of coffee and if they are comfortable with joining you, introduce them to other regular attendees of the church. If they would rather not join you, don’t press them. Simply say something to the effect of “Thank you for coming. I hope to see you again sometime or come back anytime, etc.

Remember we want visitors to feel part of the church community and YOU can make a huge difference by purposefully reaching out in love. So, let’s reserve the first three minutesafter our worship services to reaching out to with Christ’s love to anyone new within a circle of ten feet.

Often you are taking part in a divine appointment God has made for that individual’s life.  This is a simple practice that could change someone’s life forever.


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