As you know, for many years here at WLCC our ministry and outreach to teens has been of high priority. It is my understanding it has been done with great excellence over the years and remains a hallmark of our church today.  At present, our youth ministry has continued through the efforts of a number of our volunteers who have committed their time and given sacrificially into this ministry. Through the efforts of Paige, Devon and Kara, and a host of other volunteers and parents, the excellence of our youth ministry has been retained.

With that said, the Elders and I have come to the realization that if we are to grow the youth ministry and include ministry to younger families, it will require purposeful and sustained efforts that are beyond our present volunteer’s time restraints.  We feel purposeful ministry to this demographic is a vital step towards attracting younger families to our church.

Therefore we have come to the decision to move forward with hiring a full time staff person for oversight of the youth and family ministry. Responsibilities will include outreach efforts necessary to build this ministry to levels we have known under previous youth pastors.

While we had several options in seeking a person to fill this position we opted instead to consider hiring from within. And so it with great excitement I announce to you that we have come to a decision to hire Devon Forbes as a full time associate pastor.  Devon will come aboard as of October 1stwith a concentration on youth and family ministry. Devon will also continue with his present oversight of small groups and adult education, and partnering with me in the broader ministry of the church. Devon presently holds a master degree in counseling and will be furthering his theological education as time allows.  Devon will also begin the process of seeking ordination within our church.


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